Bakersfield Jr. Condors Hockey Challenge 2018-2019 Season

Just as our season is getting under way, the “Junior Condor’s University” will begin. If you are feeling confused because your son or daughter is too young for enrollment into a college, no worries. The Kern County Hockey Club (KCHC) did not create an actual university, so you don’t have to be concerned with college tuitions fees or dropping your player off at his/her new dorm room.  Paul Rosebush, Director of Coaches, and his coaching staff have created a unique player development program that will enhance the shooting and stick handling skills of our Junior Condors. The program will require self discipline and participation.

With that being said, most of us have come to understand that one or two days at the rink isn’t cutting it when it comes to seeing our kids improve in their individual abilities. The coaches have been pointing this out for a very long time. We all know for any player to properly develop they must dedicate time to hockey outside of the team’s regular practice schedule. The weekly team practice schedule simply isn’t enough. While we all understand this reality, most of our players have no mechanism to encourage them to practice off the ice. It all seems pretty simple, but their is more science to it than “practice makes perfect.” The research our coaches have done on this specific topic indicates that more frequent practice sessions are very effective and often superior to longer practice sessions once or twice a week. When a player practices a little each day, skills don’t erode. Muscle memory is created at a faster rate. In short, the Junior Condor’s University is kind of like hockey homework for your son or daughter, but a lot more fun. It will require just a little assistance from those parents that are truly wanting to see their player’s game improve. Parents are encouraged to assist their player with their “hockey homework” in the form of data input.

Here is what your player needs to get started:

• A regulation size net (street hockey, or ice hockey, even drawn on a concrete wall)
• Shooter tutor or targets (Can be made out of plywood or purchased)
• Shooting surface (concrete floor, driveway, 3’x3′ heavy plastic sheet etc.)
• 10-100 pucks for shooting and 1 golf ball or hockey ball for stick handling
• Hockey gloves
• Stick (should be a few inches shorter than the one used on the ice as player will not be wearing skates)

How to participate:

5,000 Shots
• Players are encouraged to shoot multiple pucks a few times per week over short time periods at home
using the above equipment. Players may and are encouraged to meet their goals of 5000 shots before
the final game of the regular season.
• Players are encouraged to rotate throughout the pre-established targets set in each upper and lower
corner of the net using an equal combination of wrist shots, snap shots, backhand shots. Slap shots
are only encouraged for player Peewee age and older.
• If player cannot hit the upper corner of the net, they can shoot to the lower corner or the middle level
of the net until they can hit the upper corner. Form and mechanics are more important than accuracy
at the top of the net.

10,000 Touches (Stick Handling)
• Players are encouraged to set aside short time periods over each week to practice puck control using a
golf ball or street hockey ball and are encouraged to meet their goal of 10,000 touches before the final
game of the regular season.
• A ‘touch’ can simply be defined as every time there is a change in direction of the golf or street hockey
• With some skills, you will be able to perform many touches in a short period of time and using a wide
range of motions. For example, each player should stick handle in different positions around their
body and using wide and narrow ranges of motion.

Tracking your Progress
•  Players must track shots/touches using the pre-established Google Sheets shot tracking/stick handling
• Each team will receive a link from their team manager to access the Google Sheets shot and stick-
handling log.
• Parents are encouraged to input each player’s counts.

Our coaches need as much support as possible from parents to encourage time is spent trying to achieve the prescribed numbers. While this might be considered hockey homework, it really is a hockey challenge for your player. Players will be able to be competitive with their teammates, as the information will be displayed in the Google shot and stick handling log, which will require logging into your teams links. The following are the links to each teams log sheet. The parents just need to download the Google Sheets application from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play store and use the link to access their player/team logs. The parents just need to click on the tab with the name of their child on it and enter the amount of shots\touches for that day. The main totals page will display the progress of every player on that team. Competition is a good thing and is often motivating. If anyone has any questions about the program please get in touch with your team manager.


Mite A


Mite B


Squirt A


Peewee 12U A


Peewee 12U B


Bantam 14U A


Midget 18U AA


Go Condors!