KCHC History


The Kern County Hockey Club (KCHC) was founded as a Nonprofit Corporation in the summer of 1997 in Bakersfield, California. In its first year of existence the club had one Bantam team known as the Bakersfield Jr. Fog. After the first season, the club added a team at the Squirt, Peewee and Midget level and changed the team names to the Bakersfield Dragons. After many years of wearing red, black, and white, in 2016 the KCHC’s Board of Directors (BOD) elected to change their teams’ name to the Junior Condors. The move to adopt the Bakersfield Condors brand was regarded as the obvious thing to do considering the history of the club’s coaching staff, which have continued to have a steady flow of former Bakersfield Condors players. Additionally,  the BOD believed the association would allow the club to more easily promote youth hockey in the community and would inspire existing players to feel a part of something larger. Particularly since the American Hockey League (AHL) team they would be modeling played next door at the Robobank arena.


The Kern County Hockey Club’s Mission is to…

a)  provide recreational, athletic and educational opportunities for youth under 18 years of age and learn the skills and to play the game of ice hockey, consistent with the principles established by USA Hockey, California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) and the Southern California Amateur Hockey Association (SCAHA);
b)  encourage and foster participation in the sport of ice hockey at all levels of age and ability;
c)  develop character and sportsmanship among all players for the betterment of their physical and social well-being;
d)  operate the Club consistent with the purposes of a public benefit, nonprofit;
e) remain nonprofit, nonsectarian and nonpartisan.


Click here to download our Bylaws.

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