JC Players Advance to Junior Hockey League

July 29, 2017

Today’s message from the Kern Hockey Club (KCHC) is directed specifically to all of our youth hockey players. We hope that each and every player takes away a little something from what they read here today. We will start by explaining to every player that if you truly want positive results in your life you MUST take positive action. This game you are playing isn’t just about putting a rubber disc into the back of the net or roughing up the next player. It is about learning how to become an inspiring and successful young adult with success being measured by each individual life goal you create. Hockey like all games requires (C)ommitment, (O)wnership, i(N)tegrity, (D)iscipline, (O)ptimistic, and (R)espect to achieve (S)uccess. Take a good look at the letters that define a Condor because you will be expected to learn more of what it means to be a KCHC player this season. A Condor should recognize and be thankful everyday for family because they work very hard to keep you playing on the ice. There may be many reasons your family has stuck with your choice to play hockey instead of another team sport such as baseball, football or soccer or maybe you do play multiple sports. The reality is it doesn’t matter what game you play or how many as long as YOU are learning and applying yourself to the game with the optimism a team requires to work as one. This 2017/2018 season will be a great season win or lose. Please remember that in order to have success in most things, life’s requirement is failure first. Also understand that failure teaches all of us what is needed to succeed. This season will be very exciting, as you will be back with or become for the first time a part of an extended family. With that being said, please remember, A Condor is expected to respect all members of his/her family ie; Board members, coaches, managers, other team mates, and other team mate’s parents, and most importantly have self-respect.

Since we’re on the topic of family, the KCHC has both exciting and sad news. We have fantastic players leaving the KCHC because they have worked hard both on and off the ice. Their hard work, discipline, and commitment has resulted in their success. They are ordinary kids just like you bent on owning their dreams. The players we are about to mention have been selected by teams from the Junior Hockey League, how amazing is that really. The sad news is they will be moving on to other ice in other states sometime in August, 2017. Regardless, they will forever be KCHC family members and big brother role models to our younger players. Lastly, they will always represent what it means to be a Condor. We should all wish them continued success and remind them they must continue to bring integrity to their game. In alphabetical order we proudly salute:

Sebastian Culver -Steamboat Wranglers (Colorado) in the Rocky Mountain Jr Hockey League (RMJHL). Sebastian Culver is the latest to announce he’s playing for the Steamboat Wranglers this season. He previously wrote for the SW, “I am excited to play for the Wranglers to meet new friends and families, enjoy the community and the competition, as well as the Wranglers organization in Steamboat.” He was interviewed today by the KCHC. He says; ” My dedication for the game of hockey evolved from great coaching and support from all my team mates. Together they encouraged me to work harder with a fury type passion for playing. However, in the end it is about helping your team. I will miss my Junior Condor team mates. Since I have been playing with the KCHC, I have made a lot of friends and a lot of memories that I will carry with me forever. If I had to give advice to those players coming up into different teams like Squirts, Pee Wees, and Bantams, I would say play where your coach tells you to play, if you don’t get ice time work harder, I have been there before. Sometimes you sit, but you always support each other. The main goal is to have a personal goal every time you get out on the ice. Maybe having the best check or maybe the best shot block, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are working hard for your team. I’ll miss everyone and hope I can come back and teach some tips and tricks to the younger players.



Kanan Hays – Steamboat Wranglers (Colorado) in the Rocky Mountain Jr Hockey League (RMJHL) . He sent us this today; “Hockey is a wonderful sport. Everything about hockey the constant speed and aggressiveness of the sport.  Everything. But what made me especially love my last season was when I played for the Bakersfield Junior Condors Midget U16 AA.  The coaching I got from Head Coach Glen Mears and Asst. Coaches Cliff Kolthoff and Charlie Moxham was what I think all coaches should strive to be.  They coach because they love the game and want to help kids love it the same.  You get the whole package with them, they understand the sport and are some of the best coaches I have ever had throughout my years of playing hockey.  It wasn’t just a team, it was family.  Their constant pushing us to be the best we can be, to give more even when we thought we couldn’t, constructive criticism along with positive reinforcement and scheduling exhibition games with higher tier teams so we could learn and understand what was needed and expected to get to the next level in ice hockey.  I would not be where I am, playing the 2017/18 upcoming season for the Steamboat Wranglers Jr. Hockey team in Steamboat Springs Colorado without the Bakersfield Junior Condors, the coaches, the team, and all the teams we played through out the 2016/17 season.  All I can say to the younger kids is work hard, play hard and there is no telling where you might go!



Nick Leach – Cheyenne Stampede (Wyoming) in the Western State Hockey League (WSHL) – The Junior Hockey League has always been a dream of mine.  Being a Junior Condor has helped get me to this step. My coaches provided me the tools for helping me succeed in my hockey path.  I always listened to them. Playing in Bakersfield was a huge reason why I made it to Tier hockey. The coaches pushed me to do extra both on and off the ice. I have had a great group of coaches and enjoyed being part of a great youth club.  Playing in the Juniors will be a little more different than youth hockey because you play for your spot on the team and  sometimes have to move away to play the sport you love. Watching the juniors teams growing up and playing youth hockey myself gave me the dream of being a junior and if I play hard enough I look forward to D1 college hockey.

In closing, a big round of applause for Head Coach Mears and his assistant Coaches Kolthoff and Moxham. It is very clear these individuals have had a positive influence on many of these players. They have been instrumental in youth development, which was obvious just from communicating with these kids today. The story doesn’t stop there because three other kids were also approached by teams with offers to play in the Junior. They held out and had their own reasons for doing such. What is important is for everyone to understand the KCHC has great kids and great staff. If you get a chance, let them know they are doing a wonderful job.


As always Go Condors!




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