Jr. Condors Hockey Challenge

October 11, 2018
Beginning last season, the Bakersfield Junior Condors coaching staff briefly introduced the Junior Condors challenge. This challenge was intended to encourage kids to participate in hockey skill training outside of normal practice and game times. Recently our coaching staff and organization has made an announcement to take our club to the next level in terms of competition. In order to achieve the goal of competing at the AA level, the Junior Condors coaches have determined that it’s necessary to incorporate more skill development outside of the typical 2 hours/week of practice time and weekend games.
Over the past several years, many players have had success within the sport after beginning their hockey careers within our club. Over the next several months we will continue to introduce these alumni on our website/Facebook in an effort to help show our kids the opportunities that can be achieved through the sport of hockey right here in Bakersfield. Upon acquiring biographical information on some of the alumni that have played within our organization and have moved on to compete at the junior, college or professional levels, two common themes are apparent. 1) Most have moved through the organization and have gone on to compete in other AA or higher level programs. This level of competition has provided for more opportunities at the junior and college level. 2) Most kids who have excelled in our club have had a passion for the sport at a young age and have recognized that they must acquire extra training and skill development outside of typical club ice-times in order to make the leap to a higher level of hockey.
The Junior Condors coaches feel that there is a strong number of kids in our program who have a passion for the sport and we as coaches would like parents to help encourage our kids to participate consistently in off-ice development using programs such as the Jr Condors Challenge. In addition it is our hope that our players will take advantage of any extra ice time via stick-time, public skating or off-ice training available through each Jr Condors team or other means such as USA Hockey’s age specific off-ice training modules. Our coaching staff has committed to push this program to the next level and we feel that it is important for you as parents to help encourage our kids to go the extra mile. We understand the hectic schedules of most families and do not expect hours and hours of extra time committed by our kids. Just a few minutes of extra training done consistently goes a long way in the development of our players.
We are looking forward to a fun and exciting season of hockey!!!
-Jr. Condors Coaching Staff-
-Jr. Condors Coaching Staff-