KCHC Pre-Season Clinic – WOW!

July 14, 2017

Happy Friday Everyone,

Is everyone getting “pumped-up” for the up-coming season? We hope so because the Kern County Hockey Club (KCHC) membership is going to have a fantastic year. As a club, we are always evolving and looking for ways to improve on our goal to have a safe, fun, and competitive experience. The KCHC is pleased to announce  a 4-session pre-season clinic to get things moving again. Many of you have taken a well deserved break from the ice, but now it is time to think about sharpening those skates. This clinic is going to be a fantastic opportunity to get your player back on the ice in time for the 2017/2018 season. A big thank you to Paul Rosebush, Director of Coaches and Coach Paul Willett for getting this clinic off the ground. Also, a big thanks to all the coaches participating in this clinic. The KCHC has the best coaches in Southern California. They put a lot of effort into their coaching because of their love for the game and devotion to our kids. They often don’t get enough credit for the time they surrender despite their other jobs and commitments, so again thank you.

As an added bonus in this clinic, the players will receive instruction and advice from the Bakersfield Condor’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Patrick Love. For those of you that have never heard of Coach Love, check out the video on our main page. It won’t take long to figure out why our AHL team hired him into their ranks. Patrick is a raw beast, and his job is to keep those AHL players strong and agile, so any tips your player is able to come away with will be really great.


All Players Will Receive:

4 hours of on-ice instruction that will highlight fundamentals including power skating, puck control, shooting and passing.

Player evaluation form that includes a brief skill assessment and areas of improvement directed at on-ice fundamentals.

30 minute discussion with Condors strength and conditioning coach Patrick Love regarding age appropriate off-ice training.

1-hour of off-ice training implementing off-ice training techniques emphasized by Patrick Love

2/30 minute sessions of video analysis that will emphasize the on-ice instruction focusing on skating fundamentals.

For additional information related to cost and times click here to download a flyer. If you have any questions feel free to contact send us an e-mail at info@jrcondors.com.



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